What word does first come in my mind when I found a blog written in English? AMAZING. I love reading simple stories or diaries in English. When I gotta know blog Amerzing of course I adore it so much and try to read all its post. 
First of all, I would like to say that, hey, you know what, I am very glad to find a blog with the ‘almost’ same name with me. The Amazing Me Vs Amerzing, lets be amazing in togetherness. Awesome, huh!! Certainly. 
Second, hmmm.. I an not confident actually writing in English. I am an English teacher yet have a very bad even worse writing skill. Well, maybe I am quite good in academic writing such as writing research paper or journal in English. it uses formal language of course. So, when you read this post, you’ll be a lil bit bored since-yeah maybe-the language style is too formal. #tears..
Before I cup cap cup cap about the most amazing thing that has happened in my life, let me give a short review about Amerzing. Honestly, I just got to know this blog. Its template is nice with the combination of white and gold (or maybe yellow) color. Its header is eyes catching since it’s so simple (without pictures or other ornaments). 
What I love the most is its post are written in English with a joke inserted inside at a certain part. It’s fun to read Amerzing posts in English (of course it’s unlikely my ‘boring’ English) lol. 
Nah, now let me share to you the most amazing thing in my life. I am a last child of my lovely parents. I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters (which is one of my brother was passed away during Tsunami disaster 2004 in Aceh). Yups, I am an Indonesian who has a lot of Malaysian friends. Most of them are bloggers, and Amer is one of them (Amer, are we friend? Yes or No?). 
P.s: You see. My English is like a secondary student’s English, huh?
Let me make it short. Since my parents were both passed away during my childhood time, I got lack of guidance and attention from the family which is they have their own life. You know, actually, it was hard for me to run on my life. In most parts of my life, I felt like wanted to give up. 
Why? Because I used to do things by myself. I thought that I could do everything by myself. I ain’t getting help from  no one. Thus, when I feel I couldn’t finish it, I just wanted to stop doing it. 
It was a totally big mistake. I have friends who can always support me when I need motivation, who can help when I need help. The very important thing is I have ALLAH. Then, I realize that Allah will not leave me in the dark after giving me a life. 
I changed my perspective that I need help in my life. Because I used to do things by myself doesn’t mean that I don’t need help, do I? Praise be unto Him, that He send me amazing friends day by day. 
I know great bloggers both from Indonesia and Malaysia. They are very helpful. They assist me and share me their insight toward blogging world. What an amazing gift from God that I received. You guys are so amazing. Thank you.
Not only that, I know a lot of intelligent and -professor to be- friends during my study (both bachelor and master degree) who always encourage me to finish my study. They said, ‘Jasmi, what makes you such a great girl is when you finish what you have already started’. 
Yeah, finally I finished my master degree in UPI Bandung in English Education (with not so good GPA, but I am proud of myself). My friends came on my graduation day. Yups, they are my family in the ‘far away’ place from my hometown. Of course they should come to congratulate me. 
Finally, my simple and boring life turns to much fun and adventurous life after meeting a young lady named Didi. She is a Malaysian who makes me so Malay nowadays. She invited me to join a trip with her. At another change, she invited me again. And again, and again, till both of us become what so called-addictive traveling-BFF. 
Me and Didi at matta Fair 2017 in Kuala Lumpur

Me and Didi at Siem Reap Cambodia

Me and Didi in Bangkok Thailand

Me and Didi had so much fun at Sunway Lagoon Malaysia

Me and Didi enjoyed the Bogenia Garden in bandung Indonesia

Temple in Nakhon Si Thammarat Thailand

Still in Nakhon Si Thammarat: Central Plaza

Pattaya Beach Koh Lipe, Thailand

Here we were, Singapore

Met new friends from Jakarta: Dunia Fantasi

Tadom Hill Resort, Malaysia

Borobudur Temple, Yogyakarta
We have a share dream to make a travel business. We just did it. Together we established a travel agency named Addict Travel & Tours. You can read about it here
Never come in my mind up to own a travel till I met this lady. What a great achievement for me. 
Then, what is the relationship this story with the title ‘living abroad’? There’s no significance relationship, but Didi actually was the person who helped me to got a job abroad (outside Indonesia). Yeah, here I am, in Thailand (still around Asia but it’s far away from Indonesia if we walk there, lol). 
Living in Thailand-or exactly seeking for experience in other countries-is one of my resolutions. Yeah, I faced a lot of difficulties living here since I dunno their language. It’s hard to communicate. Yet, it’s much fun to experience it, believe me. Getting involve with the society, sharing different cultures, trying to understand each other, is the most priceless parts that I will not forget it.
Finally, big thanks to Didi for what you have done to me. Thanks for Amer who invited me to join this segment. And thanks also for You, My Lord, who always show me the good way to come closer to you through amazing friends. Thanks so much for not leaving me alone and letting me down. You always have your special way to encourage me to go on my life. 
My motto: ‘Allah tidak akan menelantarkan hambanya setelah mengantarnya sejauh ini’ 
P.s.s: Phuuuft, finally, I finished this writing. Avoid my grammatical error, and please forget that I am an English teacher.

  1. Hi, I'm here for the final judgement for the AMERZING Bloglist winners. Maybe you will be one of 'em. Wait for the announcement on this 3 June 2017. Cheers!!!

  2. I can write a novel based on my true story in Indonesian not in English.. hahaha.. Thanks for the support Amer.. I love your English as well.. ^^

  3. Jasmi, I love your English too. I don't know how to add emotion into my writing when I'm using English..Selama ni asyik buat scientific report, macam Jasmi cakap memang mendatar dan formal. Hahaha.

    Btw, you're such a strong woman!

  4. "… and please forget that I am an English teacher." No no no no no no… I was like " Oh my GOd, why did I invite her, Ya Allah… malunya…" in the first place. Why didn't I know you are an English teacher. T^T… Your English is way better than mine, obviously. and of course we are friend hahaha.. Blogger always connected. (that's this segment's motto hehe) .

    I am so proud of you. I am so proud of Didi. How I wish to have a friend like her. I don't want much, just a person who are truly know us. Together in this hectic journey. I love you courage.
    All the best in you business, so much inspiring. I will never forget about your story. Thank you so so so much for joining my very first segment. I'm so "terharu".

    May Allah bless you too, friend till Jannah.

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