About Me


Here is a few words about me

Hi, I’m Jasmi, the author of The Amazing ME blog. A born-and-raised Acehnese girl with nothing more than passions and dreams. My goal is to be happy and to bring happiness to others. I used to ask myself what I can do to smile and see other people smile. So, here I am for you.

I am an Indonesian. I once worked in Thailand for about three years as International Academic Staff and English teacher. Currently, I am managing a boutique in Batam City. Hmmm, Kinda new thing for me to learn. I jump and take a risk from education to business management. Just wish me luck!! I am a high motivated person to learn new things.

In addition, I love to develop myself day by day for the rest of my life ^^. I am an independent woman but sometimes I can be weak too :P. I love to motivate myself to think positively, to seek a lesson in every story of my life’s journey. Well, that is me, the real me, just me, the only me.

The Amazing ME is a medium where I can accomplish my resolution. I love to share everything worth to share with you. I’ll make sure that what I write in this blog is much useful for you to read. I write about life, about my adventure, about travelling, about motivation, about living in Thailand, simply about everything.

I start writing blog since 2010 via Aku, Hidup, dan Bintang Gemintang, but it was ‘passed away’. The Amazing ME is my new blog. I copied and pasted some articles manually from my old blog to my new one.

So, I hope The Amazing ME can give you information you need and feel free to share and discuss with me.

Thank you for dropping by.

Happy reading.

Kiss and hug.


You can contact me at:

E-mail: anjasbakri89@gmail.com

Facebook: Jasmi Aldebaran Bakri

Instagram: @jasmi_bakri