Living in a new country with a new environment is not easy. You will deal with new people, new culture, or even new whether.

When you have to move to the country that you don’t understand their language at all, it means you are facing a big challenge in front of you.

You are walking through great adventure in your life. Take a deep breath, just go through it. Of course, being in new environment demands you to be adaptable.

However, some people might not adapt themselves as soon as the expectation.

Yet, you don’t need to worry too much. You only need to make yourself as comfortable as you can during living in foreigner country, whether for short or for long time period.

Let me share you my experiences. I am 27 yo and I am an Indonesian. I just moved to Thailand for about one month ago (read also Panduan Mengurus Visa Kerja ke Thailand).

For sure, I encountered many difficulties in living there, especially when I have to deal with Thai language. I feel like an alien. I can’t understand what they speak to each other.

Simple words, I can’t enjoy my new living environment.

Through this situation, then I learn something. I learn how to survive and make myself comfortable being around them. Here I share you 6 tips to survive in new environment.
1. Identify what usually you do to make yourself happy
When you start living in a new place, soon you need to realize what things usually you do in your old places to make you happy.

If it is possible, you can apply it in your new environment. For example, if you like to make some exercises or jogging, go out and find gym or park.

Or, if you like singing, find Karaoke box, then express yourself. But, how about if there’s no place like that in your new place?

2. Identify new things that can make you happier than before
Trying to make yourself happy with new things. You need to explore beyond yourself. Try to challenge yourself and go out from your comfort zone.

You can try to go to rafting with your new friends, or you can simply go to traditional market and try to communicate new words you have learned.

Make a regular challenge-from an easy mission up to a difficult even more difficult one-for yourself. You will feel happier when you are successful enough to accomplish that mission.

3. Set your new daily routines
When you move to a new place, you need to change your routines. It is because you need to adapt yourself with your new duties including working or studying.

What you need to do to survive is to set your new daily routines.

For example, you need to decide what time you will get up in the morning, and what will you do when you have finish your working hours.

Besides, you also need to decide what will you do in your weekend. Those new routines will help you to keep your activities on.

4. Give yourself a gift of independence
When you move to a place that is completely new for you and you know nobody, you need to be independent.

However, it is normal if you feel afraid of being alone and doing things by yourself. What you can do is to make yourself being a gentle one as soon as possible.

Change your perspective that your fear can be your strengths. By doing so, it means you are rewarding yourself with INDEPENDENCE.

Once you think you are independent enough, you will not let yourself feeling down and blue anymore.

5. Appreciate everyone who welcome you warmly
When you move to a new place, some people might welcome you warmly. Appreciate what people do toward you even though there will be differences between you and them.

They are the people who you can ask for help when you require it. Or simple words, they are happy to have you around them.

Don’t be bashful to say ‘thank you’ for every single little thing that they do to  you. For example, when they invite you to have lunch together, you can thank them even though you will not join them.

6. Accept the differences
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You probably miss your old place and will compare the differences with your new place. You will feel ‘Oh God, I miss my old room.

I miss the food I usually eat for lunch. I miss the sound of everything surrounding me’. From now on, you have to accept the differences you are facing.

Love every single part of your new room, new apartment or new menu for lunch. Try to focus on what you have now rather than focusing on what you lack.

Happy home, happy mind.

So guys, now is the time for you to prove to the world that you can survive no matter what the situation is.

P.S: This article had been published at on June, 24, 2016. was my old blog that I can’t access anymore.

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  1. the old one can't be accessed anymore as the Gmail account was banned by google. This blog is under maintenance.. Sorry for that. But you can click "read more" below "who am i"..

    really homesick you know. even after 7 months living here.

  2. sounds like homesick :p anyway why with the old blog? too bad cannot comment on your About-you on diz blog šŸ˜€

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